My name is Denis Drozhzhin.

I do not want to talk for a long time about my first steps in photography, they are common for many beginning photographers.
I started my own conscious path of the photographer in 2015, and to what you see on this site, I came differently. Inspiring me painters, masterfully worked with light, confirmed me in what should be my work.

Further there was a long and painstaking process of immersion in the technical nuances of creating exactly those images that I initially see only in my imagination. I am constantly moving in my own creative way, realizing that it is infinite, and it is precisely by this that it is beautiful. After going a lot, having gained a lot of experience, having developed my own author’s techniques of retouching and working with light and model, I realized that I’m ready to share not only my works, but also knowledges with those who are close to my approach.

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