How often do we read in the profiles of photographers «I am the most female photographer», «I will help you open up», » TOP 100 fashion photographers according to the site…», etc., etc. But a photographer is a profession in which the quality of his work speaks primarily of photography. You can trust the words and high ranks, and you can trust your inner voice, I hope that this is the reason why you were on my site.
My name is Denis Drozhzhin.
I do not want to talk for a long time about my first steps in photography, they are common for many novice photographers.
I started my conscious career as a photographer in 2015, and I came to what you see on this site in a different way. The artists who inspire me, who masterfully work with light, have confirmed me in what my work should be.
Then there was a long and painstaking process of immersion in the technical nuances of creating exactly those images that I initially see only in my image. I am constantly moving along my creative path, realizing that it is endless, and that is why it is beautiful. Having gone through a lot, gained a lot of experience, developed my own methods of retouching and working with light and model, I realized that I was ready to share not only my work, but also my knowledge with those who are close to my approach.

If you have any questions for me, then you can ask them by filling out the form below.

Thank you for not staying indifferent to my work!