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Retouch of artistic and classical portrait.

Dennis Drozhzhin photographer
  •  Work in Camera-Raw.
  •  Correction of optical distortions.
  •  Work with Photoshop tools.
  •  Work with layers, masks.
  •  Work with gradients.
  • Work with light and shadow.
  •  Work with levels and curves.
  •  Light retouch.
  •  Enhance the relief and volume of the image.
  •  Sharpness and light sharpness.
  •  Correction of color distortions.
  •  Correction of the black and white drawing.
  •  Light contrast.
  •  Accentuation.
  •  Work with color saturation.
  •  Work with image brightness.
  •  Work with color temperature.

Spectacular black and white portrait

  •    Work in Camera-Raw. • Correction of optical distortions. • Work with Photoshop tools. • Work with layers, masks. • Work with gradients. • Work with light and shadow. • Work with levels and curves. • Light retouch. • Enhance the relief and volume of the image. • Sharpness and light sharpness. • Correction of color distortions. • Correction of the black and white drawing. • Convert the image to black and white. • Enhance contrast. • Strengthening the volume. • Arrangement of the accents of the image.
Dennis Drozhzhin photographer
Many people often wonder: why do I need to retouch photos, if my pictures are already beautiful enough? The answer to this question is quite simple: in order to make your photo even more interesting, juicier, brighter and more attractive.
As an explanation, each photo shows the techniques used in the process of its processing. In many ways, for these two photos, they are similar, but, at the same time, have significant differences. For the processing of portraits, I use both the well-known methods of retouching and the author’s techniques of detailed processing.