Hey, this photo is Dennis Drozhzhin©
Dennis Drozhzhin photographer
Photographer & retoucher

Hi, I'm Dennis

A photographer is, above all, an artist. We all want something more from our photos, so go to the professionals. To see in each person the inner and outer beauty, the ability to reveal it and focus on the strengths of the character of the photo session is the task of the photographer. I took a great interest in photography as a child, when my father gave me the first lessons of photography on the Zenit camera. Now I understand that a beautiful photo is a combination of efforts of the photographer and model, the fusion of the artistic approach, the technicality of photography and professional retouching. Of all the photo genres, I’m most interested in the portrait. I am inspired by the classical paintings of the great Italian masters of painting: Caravaggio, Notti and other artists. A photo without processing does not carry an artistic value and I always have a desire to bring a balance of color, proportions to a harmonious state. I use for this my own technique of processing and retouching.


In doing my favorite thing — creating a beautiful portrait, I try to make the people I photograph, happier from getting new experiences, emotions during the photo session, the joy of owning a portrait that expresses their mood.

I always approach the process of photographing and further processing photos with a soul. It’s important for me to compete internally with myself — to make each new photo better and reach a new height!