professional photographer

Dennis Drozhzhin


My name is Denis Drozhzhin.

I do not want to talk for a long time about my first steps in photography, they are common for many beginning photographers.
I started my own conscious path of the photographer in 2015, and to what you see on this site, I came differently. Inspiring me painters, masterfully worked with light, confirmed me in what should be my work.

Further there was a long and painstaking process of immersion in the technical nuances of creating exactly those images that I initially see only in my imagination. I am constantly moving in my own creative way, realizing that it is infinite, and it is precisely by this that it is beautiful. After going a lot,  having gained a lot of experince, having developed my own autor’s techniques of retouching and working with light and model, I realized that I’m ready to share not only my works, but also knowledges with those who are closw to my approach.

Latest works


If you are now on this page, then you are close to my vision in creating a female portrait.
A portrait in which a woman is always beautiful — she is real, she is lovely, she is such as she may have never seen and felt. In each frame, life and its own history should be felt and each frame should “breathe”. And how the world will see the portrait you shot depends only on You, because true beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I can teach you to make real “live”, heartfelt portraits that can really be called art.

Workshops & Masterclasses

The master class is primarily a meeting of creative people, like-minded people who are interested to know how I create my photos. This is a clearly structured process, my author’s approach to the shooting process: from the idea of creating an image, to working with a model and natural light.

Video tutorials

Each lesson in compiled by me in as much detail as possible, using my author’s retouching portrait techniques. I paid attention to all the nuances of shooting and processing, so that as a result of Your work, after watching my course, you always get an image that you want to share.

I was nice to meet you. Very useful information, now I understand what to strive for.

Now my photos will reach a new level. 

Thank you for the valuable information and detailed presentation of the material.

I liked the style of the event. An interesting approach to shooting and communicating with models.

My impressions of the video lesson exceeded expectations! Great work with light and color.